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2004 Consolidated Fee Schedule

(All major credit cards accepted online)

For payment by check or money order, mail to our San Francisco Office.

Payment/Installment Plans may be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Often we can accommodate rush jobs (1-3 week turnaround time), please ask for availability.

A FAQ/Help Guide to Our Services
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Provisional Patent Application

Utility Patent Application

Design Patent Application

Patent Research

Low-cost, gives you fast "Patent Pending" & 1 year to file for a Utility Patent.
Best quality, protects useful structures, functions, & and methods- from $1200.
Protects an article's appearance from being copied.
Before investing time and money, we research your idea's likely patentability.

Do-it-yourself $29.99-$49.99

Great for Artists, product designers, etc. from $249
Do-it-yourself with Our Help $99-$500
We draft/file your PPA from $700


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Patent Agent Preparation/Prosecution Rate $160/hr
Patent Engineer Rate $100/hr
Legal Assistant Rate $60/hr
Copying/Printing Costs $0.1/page
(Pay Online)

Services that are billed hourly are eligible for a special introductory, initial consultation offer where the first 15 minutes are free.  If the free time is not sufficient, we will offer you a special 50% discount off of normal hourly rate for up to one hour, and our normal hourly rate thereafter.



Patentability Searching Services (Pay Online)

Flat-rate Prior-art Patent Search Services (Pay Online)

Basic Search (Simple Mechanical/Design Patents) $249
Normal Search (Average complexity, Most Mechanical) $400
Patentability Opinion (for basic/average complexity) $150

Cost Oriented Provisional Patent Application (PPA) Services (1-2 weeks maximum) (Pay Online)

PPA Do-it-yourself Kit and Inventor's Guide $49.99
PPA Do-it-yourself Kit with email Support $99.99
PPA Do-it-yourself Kit with Review $150
PPA Do-it-yourself Kit with Revision $300
PPA Do-it-yourself Kit with Drafting Basic $500
PPA Filing Service (fee for us filling the PPA for you) $50

Quality Oriented Provisional Patent Application (PPA) Services  (3-4 weeks maximum) (Pay Online)

[Request a Quote]

Top Quality (low complexity-high complexity) $900-$3750
Good Quality (low complexity-high complexity) $800-3000
OK Quality "Drafting Basic Plus" $700

NOTE: You may deduct the amount paid for Top or Good Quality Oriented Provisional Patent Applications from the prevailing cost of the flat-fee, full Utility Patent Application. Click Here for more details.

Flat-fee Utility Patent Application Drafting Services (4-6 weeks) (Pay Online)
(Click Here for complexity category descriptions)

[Request a Quote]

Very Simple Mechanical $1200
Simple Mechanical $1500
Average Mechanical/ Simple Electrical $2250
Complex Mechanical/Average Electrical/Simple Software $3000
Complex Electrical/Average Software/Simple E-commerce $4000
Complex Software/Complex E-commerce $5000

U.S. Plant/Design Patent Applications- Flat-fee (3-4 weeks maximum) $800 (Pay Online)



[Request a Quote]

Patent Consulting Rate $120/hr
Masters Electrical Engineer Consulting Rate $100/hr
Bachelors Electrical Engineer Consulting Rate $80/hr
Marketing Consulting Rate $72/hr
Technical Writing Rate $60/hr
Technical Analysis Report (3-4 weeks) $700
Invention Disclosure Document (3-4 weeks) $500
(Pay Online)

NOTICE: Written estimates for patent services are provided after we receive a complete disclosure of your invention. Fees may be adjusted for many reasons that depend on the details of your case. Generally, unpredictable cases do not qualify for our flat-rate, and are billed hourly. USPTO fees and drawing preparation fees are not included in our indicated fees. Likewise, all subsequent legal services (for example, prosecuting the application) are not included. All fees may change without notice.


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