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The following are express warranties to a client accepted by Bay Area Intellectual Property Group (Bay Area IP) for representation and services. There are no implied warranties. Bay Area IP warrants that every member and employee will maintain as confidential any disclosure made to Bay Area IP in their capacity as a patent practitioner under the practitioner-client privilege except as may be necessitated in filing a patent application on the clients behalf in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which is confidential therein. Bay Area IP will also treat as confidential any disclosure from an applicant who is not a client of Bay Area IP, but Bay Area IP reserves the right to retain or return such a disclosure without such activity establishing a practitioner-client relationship.  

Bay Area IP warrants that Bay Area IP will retain any moneys submitted to it as retainer funds in a separate, non-comingled bank account as required by law, and the moneys are earned and to promptly return unearned moneys when the services have been completed.

Bay Area IP warrants that only the identified member(s) working with you will personally perform the work in writing the specification and claims for any patent application to be filed in the USPTO, although such member(s) may have editorial help in doing so, and that he or she will do it to the best of their ability; that the member(s) will personally supervise the preparation of the drawings and accompanying papers; that the member(s) will also personally prepare the amendments to be filed in response to Official Actions from the USPTO to the best of their ability in accordance with the instructions from their clients.  

Bay Area IP warrants that the bill for services submitted to the client upon completion of the services for the client, for preparation and filing the patent application, or preparation of a response to an Official Action, will not exceed the prior written estimated total of fees and costs unless changes to the invention disclosure are agreed upon requirements are made by the client after the estimate is given.  

Bay Area IP warrants that it will state in writing whether it either declines or accepts an applicant who has sent in a submission and retainer, within 10 days of receipt by him thereof if the retainer is a certified check, otherwise within 10 days after a personal check from an applicant is honored by the bank.  If the firm declines to accept the client, it will also within 10 days of receipt of a submission return the retainer.



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