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Featured Companies


Beyond the countless individual inventors and startup clients, below are a few selected companies our founder has done patent work for:

digital signal processing and analog   semiconductor World leader in digital signal processing and analog technologies

Net working  hardware, software, and services
Leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software, and services that make the Net work
analog  semiconductors
The industry's premier analog company, creates high performance analog devices and subsystems
display image processors
World’s leading supplier of display image processors
Wireless broadband ISP
Wireless broadband Internet service provider


embedded speech technologies
The world leader in embedded speech technologies

Personalized television products
Personalized television products from digital VCRs to targeted advertising, TV portals and data broadcasting


Advanced Valve and Pipeline Solutions
Market leaders in Advanced Valve and Pipeline Solutions


Software tools for enterprise software deployment
Enterprise software deployment tools



reducing the risk and cost of software development and integration while increasing the speed of delivery
Software Development

Ad and pop up blocker, security and privacy guard
Software Ad remover, popup blocker, privacy and security managers for Windows




Online shipping  broker
Internet shipping transportation brokerage

Manufactures custom billet accessories for Corvettes, Mustangs, PT Cruisers, SVT Lightnings and Dodge Vipers

Software products for stopping Spam
Software products for stopping Spam and unwanted emails without the use of
filters or block lists


Internet design of customized jewlery
Internet design of handcrafts necklaces, bracelets and earrings

Musical industry ergonomic assessories Musical industry ergonomic accessories

Gormet soda producer and distributer
Gourmet soda producer and distributor


Sound-proofing products
Sound-proofing products

Paintball sports products

Paintball sports products

Home improvement products Home improvement products


Novelty outdoor equipment covers
Novelty outdoor equipment covers

Bingo game productivity products Bingo game productivity products

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