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Low-cost, gives you fast "Patent Pending" & 1 year to file for a Utility Patent.
Best quality, protects useful structures, functions, & and methods. from $1200
Protects an article's appearance from being copied.
Before investing time and money, we research your idea's likely patentability.

Do-it-Yourself $29.99-$49.99

Great for Artists, product designers, etc. from $249
Do-it-yourself with Our Help $99-$500
We draft/file your PPA from $700

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Bay Area Intellectual Property Group (Bay Area IP) is an intellectual property (IP) firm located in San Francisco California. We directly serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area region, and anywhere outside the Bay Area through the Internet and telephone. Our practice is oriented towards serving the unique goals and requirements of small business and individual inventors. Key to our success is our quality customer service, broad capabilities, and extreme flexibility in working with our clients to right-size IP protection to suit their particular needs. Right-sizing IP protection is particularly important to small business and individual inventors. Unfortunately, most practitioners have a one-size-fits-all approach that often scares away most individual inventors and significantly limits the patent portfolio size of small businesses.

Individual inventors are often very creative, but are usually unsure which idea will turn into a viable product or method worth the costly investment of patent protection. What they are typically looking for is a very low cost initial protection that is referred to often as "Patent-Pending" status. With Patent Pending status, inventors can market test their invention before deciding to procure a non-provisional patent. Bay Area IP lowers the bar for inventors to attain Patent-pending protection so low that money is not a barrier for them to market safely their ideas and achieve their dreams. In addition to providing "Patent-Pending" protection, Bay Area IP offers a full range of services to support the individual inventor. Our service offering supports inventors starting from their initial idea all the way through pre-marketing launch with our many specialized services including invention development, procuring "Patent-Pending status and non-provisional patents, and providing marketing assessment/planning. We work hard to offer our individual inventor clients what they need to convert there ideas into financial success.

Small businesses, who are less cost sensitive at the low end, find our right-sized IP protection approach equally attractive in that it enables them to build a larger patent portfolio by more efficiently prioritizing the level of resources allocated to each invention according to its expected value. Our practice further supports the needs of small business by way of providing consulting services that leverage our expertise in strategic marketing, IP practice, and IP portfolio management towards bringing coherence and increased synergistic value to corporate efforts and assets thereby significantly improving the company's competitive advantage.

At Bay Area IP, one of our highest priorities beyond providing top quality IP work product is it to understand and accommodate the needs of our clients. Key to this understanding is to appreciate our client's goals and budget, and thereby tailor our IP services appropriately. Unlike many IP firms, our philosophy is to educate and empower our clients to increase final product quality and reduce their over-all IP costs for now, and the long term. We not only instruct our clients on how to do many basic tasks themselves, but also provide them a detailed professional option/risk analysis so that they can make more accurate decisions that best reflect their budgets and risk tolerance.

Bay Area IP's competitive edge has been our successful strategy of right-sizing patent protection to fit our client's needs at below market cost while not compromising work quality. To achieve this highly desired combination we must keep our cost structure low enough so that we can offer quality service at price points that most small businesses and individuals can afford. To accomplish this, we employ technology wherever it cuts cost, and we avoid expensive overhead items such as costly office space and nonessential support services (e.g., docketing, foreign departments, etc.). Hence, unlike many other firms, we can afford to spend the extra time to pay attention to details because you are not paying for expenses that do not increase the value of the work product. Instead, with Bay Area IP, you are mostly paying for our patent practitioner's talent and not the firm's overhead.

Our practice offers a wide range of IP services including patent drafting/prosecution, IP searching, IP consulting, invention development, marketing analysis, and IP portfolio management. It is our unique combination of expertise in patent practice, business, marketing, high technology, and invention development that aligns our work product with our client's needs and goals as a whole, and not just with legal language disconnected from the invention's technical or economic reality. Many practitioners have no appreciation or understanding of the business and marketing end of invention use and selling, and further have no, or very limited, industry experience. We at Bay Area IP believe that our clients are served best when their patent practitioner can ground their legal work in technical and marketplace realities. Otherwise, the result is that patent practitioners often fail to appreciate the true scope and context of the invention, thereby significantly diminishing the value of the IP, or worse, producing an invalid or impotent protection. We find that our broad technical capability enables us to efficiently understand the workings and application of our client's inventions, thereby reducing their costs and improving our final work product quality. Bay Area IP's areas of technical and patent practice expertise cover a wide variety technologies ranging from simple mechanical inventions to state-of-the-art hardware/software, and sophisticated business methods. This expertise comes from many years of patent and invention development experience in industry.

Technical Areas of Expertise:
Our areas of expertise includes, but are not limited to: mechanical, algorithms, advanced modeling/simulation, artificial/machine intelligence, pattern recognition, data mining, robotics, sensors, analog/digital systems, power management, software systems/programming, embedded real-time applications, signal processing, battery technology, semiconductor processing and packaging, and wireless systems. We have particularly extensive capabilities in switching regulator systems, robotics systems, and machine learning methods such as Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Hidden Markov Models, and Genetic Algorithms.

In person- SF Bay Area in California and Reno, NV, and nationwide over the Internet.

English (native), French (fluent conversational), Spanish (very basic).


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