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Through our DC office: we offer patent research at USPTO EAST- the same system/methods used by Patent Examiners.
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Why Choose Bay Area IP?

What is different about Bay Area Intellectual Property Group?
What kind of patent firm is best for me?
How is Bay Area IP's fee approach to your advantage?

As experts in patents, our patent prosecution legal practitioners have been very successful in winning valuable patents for our clients. Clients of Bay Area IP always deal directly with our founder, Ariel Bentolila, on all of their patent prosecution legal matters, and are assured personal attention, open and direct communication, and the highest quality patent prosecution legal services, which we have consistently rendered to well over 1000 clients served over our 10+ years of patent prosecution legal practice.  We look forward to adding you to our ever growing ranks of satisfied clients.

An important goal of Bay Area IP is to provide affordable intellectual property rights protection to independent inventors and small to mid-sized businesses.  Our success has been built on providing our clients with affordable, high quality patent prosecution legal services by (i) keeping our overhead low, (ii) utilizing the latest technology to manage our clients' matters and (iii) quoting transparent fees that are quoted in advance; i.e., no surprises or “sticker shock”.  Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Bay Area IP for your intellectual property needs.


     1. LOCATION

  • Next to USPTO- Patent Research.  One distinguishing aspect of our firm is that we have an office next to the U.S. Patent Office (USPTO) and our patent researchers are exclusively Expert former USPTO Patent Examiners doing their work at the US Patent Office in Washington DC. That is the best you can find anywhere.  Read why:
    • In case you are not aware, the absolutely best search system and database available is only located at the USPTO’s very sophisticated EAST system and database in DC, which is exactly the same system that the Patent Examiners use to find the “prior-art” the will base any rejection of your patent upon.  If the Patent Examiner finds prior art they’ll reject your patent, otherwise, you will get your patent.  Patent law firms not located next to the USPTO have to search online (like you can for free), which is well known to be very inefficient and almost never finds the closest prior art that the USPTO will certainly find and cite against you. 
  • Next to USPTO- Winning Patent Allowance.  Also, because we have an office located next to the US Patent Office in Washington DC, we have the advantage of being able to personally meet with the Patent Examiner during examination of your patent, which has far greater success than an impersonal phone conference call that patent law firms outside Wash. D.C. must settle for.
  • In Silicon Valley.  Silicon Valley is the top technology and patent filing region in the world.  Having a high volume office in a Silicon Valley  enables Bay Area IP  to stay at the leading edge of technology and patent prosecution law, which gives us the economy of scale needed to provide you with top quality patent prosecution legal service while keeping our rates very competitive.


  • Electronic Document Management. Most documents are digitally saved, stored and accessed resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Efficient Technology. Extensive usage of the latest technology reduces our time handling client matters.
  • Low Overhead. Our offices are located in central, yet low cost locations- we guarantee that you will not be paying sky high prices for the top floor of a Skyscraper and vacation homes in Tahoe.
  • No Overstaffing. We ensure there are no unnecessary individuals working on your case, and we use technology where ever possible to avoid most common high cost overhead items like docketing, CRM, foreign filings, billing, etc.
  • Flat-Fees. For most services, we provide our small entity clients with a flat-fee quote in advance to avoid any unwelcome "surprises."
  • No Nickel and Diming.  For most basic questions relating to an application, you can call or e-mail a  patent prosecution legal professional without fear of receiving a bill.  We also do not bill anything that is not quoted in writing ahead of time and pre-approved.



  • Prosecution Experience. For over 10 years, we have been preparing and prosecuting patent applications.
  • 100’s of Successfull Patent Filings. We have successfully filed well over 400 patents for our clients (see Sample Patents).
  • Representation Worldwide. By efficiently using modern technology, we are able to easily represent clients across the United States and internationally before WIPO.


     4. QUALITY

  • U.S. Registered Professionals. We only employ patent prosecution legal professionals who are registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Former Patent Examiners.  Our patent researchers are exclusively Expert former USPTO Patent Examiners. We find that this is a decisive advantage in not only getting most patents allowed at the USPTO, but also in providing increase patent strength and lower prosecution cost because we can much more effectively find the closest prior art (i.e., existing patents like your innovation) and legally position your patent application filing to avoid it, and thus avoiding most all of the related allowance problems that many law firms otherwise face.
  • Specialized in Patent Prosecution Law. Bay Area IP focuses on patent counseling, patent preparation, patent prosecution and can also assist in funding and patent licensing.
  • No Outsourcing. All of our patent prosecution legal practitioners are located in the United States with no outsourcing to a foreign country (e.g. India).
  • Direct Communication. Every client communicates directly with one of our patent prosecution legal professionals without interference of a third-party or paralegal.


     5. SERVICE

  • Responsive. We pride ourselves on promptly responding to client inquiries whether via telephone, fax, letter or e-mail.
  • Empowerment. We strongly believe in empowering and educating our clients with the information they need to succeed and make important decisions.
  • Independent Inventors & Entrepreneurs. We understand the special needs of independent inventors and start-ups/entrepreneurs.
  • Small to Mid-Sized Businesses. We focus our practice on helping small to mid-sized businesses which have different goals from large corporations.



  • Proprietary Software. We have developed our own Proprietary Docketing management software to help efficiently manage our clients' intellectual property files. Clients can get real-time case/billing status information on our website.
  • Documents Filed Electronically.  Bay Area IP files all documents electronically with the USPTO to ensure timely filings.
  • Participant in e-Office Action Program. Bay Area IP participates in the USPTO's e-Office Action Program ensuring prompt receipt of important documents.
  • E-Communications to Clients. We communicate with our clients via e-mail so they receive our communications and documents fast.
  • Online Forms. Efficient online forms are used with most service requests so you don't have to mail anything to our office.



  • You can see many comments and testimonials from our corporate and individual clients through out the USA and the world- just click here.

What is different about Bay Area Intellectual Property Group?

Simply put, Bay Area IP's philosophy is to provide top quality service to our clientele at a reasonable cost. We enjoy the luxury of not having to compromise quality for price to be profitable.  Fortunately, our high volume practice, low cost structure, and streamlined process afford Bay Area IP the luxury of spending the time it takes to ensure a happy client and a quality job done. Our patent practice is all about building solid, long-term relationships that efficiently align our ever-growing capabilities to our client's needs. Moreover, the principle of Bay Area IP brings to the firm a unique set of capabilities that is unmatched in IP the industry. Our competitive advantages include the following:

  • Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority- We work harder!
  • We become a key part of your execution team by leveraging our extensive firsthand understanding of the unique IP needs of Individual inventors, small business, law firm, and Fortune 500 companies.
  • You get "right-sized" patent protection that is customized fit your unique, and ever changing needs.  In some cases, for example, a simple "patent pending" may be most effective for a gorilla marketing campaign. In others we may need to build a patent wall around your crown jewel.  , we have a unique formula that delivers the exact balance between cost and quality that effectively achieves your IP goals, affordably.
  • You receive customized cost reduction opportunities that reflect the wide diversity of situations and needs that exist for small businesses and individuals.
  • The patent protection that we win for you is optimized for actual commercial value.  We do not sacrifice IP strength (cloaked in legal jargon) for speed when high quality is your goal.
  • If we like your invention or technology, we will tap into our many funding and marketing connections to determine if 3rd party investment or commercialization opportunities exist.
  • Your innovations, business planning and execution are enhanced by our unique combination of multidisciplinary capabilities including IP development, in-house patent searching, protection, strategy, marketing, and deep technology support uniquely enable us to efficiently understand and align the work product to your needs as a whole.
  • We put our exceptional technical and legal breadth and depth in practical and theoretical knowledge to work for you.
  • We encourage our you to be involved at each step of the process when you want a "hands on" approach.
  • We continuously analyze the latest court decisions affecting future litigation and patent drafting/prosecution, and adjust our "best practices" accordingly.  This is especially critical in fast changing legal areas such as software and business methods.
  • We are competent to assess your patent, business, and exit strategy goals, and align our work product to optimally satisfy their complex, uncertain, and often conflicting requirements.  Most law firms wear "blinders" and simply patent what (narrow) idea you give them, and the result is a patent the falls short of protecting your business model in the real-world.
  • Our strategy is customized for each client's risk/reward tolerance in the context of their budget and current legal trends.
  • We do what ever it takes to meet deadlines and promised delivery dates.
  • We provide all the foregoing, and more in a timely and affordable manner.

We offer extensive services tailored to the special needs of small business and independent inventors.  As a Silicon Valley patent firm, we afford to provide quality service at very competitive rates by leveraging our economies of scale in the technology capital of the world, using modern technology to boost efficiency, and containing overhead. Unlike most patent law firms, you pay mostly for our work and not unnecessary perks and overhead. Our diverse service offering uniquely enables us to efficiently understand and align our work product to your needs as a whole, which services include:

IP/patent searchpatent application filing & prosecutionIP strategyinvention marketing advice, DIY "Patent Pending", and technology support.


What kind of patent law firm is best for me?

In the fast paced, opportunistic environment we live in today a patent is, more than ever, the most effective protection against theft of your invention. There are multiple levels of uncertainty throughout the patent acquisition and enforcement process. The value of a patent in many ways depends on how well it holds up in litigation (for infringement/validity) and against the analysis of fellow lawyers in the case of sale or licensing revenue. It is for this reason you do not want to choose a patent law firm based solely on the "lowest bidder," yet because of the significant costs involved in patent acquisition (esp. in building a portfolio) one can not generally afford the more expensive law firms that often invest more attention to elegant décor and perks than increasing a patent's true value. The higher overhead forces artificially high billing rates, which, to stay profitable, forces, even some of the best, patent attorneys to churn out product so fast that many critical errors and oversights are inevitably made. These errors do not usually interfere with getting a patent awarded, but may invalidate or severely reduce the patent's scope in litigation, or permit potential licensees excess maneuvering room to engineer around the patent and avoid paying licensing fees. Given that the strength of a patent can depend on a single errant (three letter) word, a profit-driven "cookie cutter" patent drafting and prosecution practice can be disastrous.  Too many times we receive transfer clients who, even after paying top money at top tier patent law firms, find that they were just another "drop in the bucket" and their patent was written simplistically, the prosecution just "kicks the can endlessly down the road", and the even when the patent is finally issued, the claims were narrowed so much (always with the client out of the loop) that the issued patent had little to no commercial value.

It is not well known, but many, if not most, patent attorneys (non-partners) only keep about 30% of the hourly rate they are billing you, the rest goes to paying the law firm's overhead and profits. Generally, overhead expenses and patent law firm profits add little, or no, value to a patent. On the contrary, as discussed above, overhead tends to reduce the value of the final product because the patent attorney has many disincentives to giving you a better product. To be profitable, the typical patent attorney will avoid doing anything that requires more time if the client will not readily notice the lack of action. Moreover, the law firm's economic incentive is to avoid reviewing their attorney's work quality unless the client is complaining about it. Thus, the combination of both the attorney and law firm's economic incentives results in the attorney doing the minimal work required to keep their (often unsophisticated) client happy. Unfortunately, the client's patent rights can be compromised, or even lost, because of this intense pressure to "cut corners." To compound the problem, some, if not most, high overhead IP law firms afford to offer lower cost patents to price sensitive clients by having less experienced attorneys actually do the work for the more experienced attorney you thought was doing it for you. For these, and many other reasons, the best value is usually found with law firms that have a lower operating overhead and are priced somewhere in between the higher and lower price ranges. However, be aware that high overhead (typically large) patent law firms tend not to prefer small startup companies or individual inventors because of the extra time required to "hold hands" with pressure to charge a lower fees. They usually prefer large, high-volume clients that can afford their higher rates and tend to not closely track work quality because no single case is typically important. In contrast, closely held companies and individuals tend to value each invention highly, and tend to require high quality service but at an affordable cost.

How is Bay Area IP's fee approach to your advantage?

Bay Area IP believes that high quality product and service does not have come at a high price if operating overhead is kept under control and inefficiencies in the patent preparation/prosecution process are reduced if not eliminated. We can afford to work harder, and we do.

By extensive use of automation, avoiding expensive office space and redundant staff, and other efficiency boosting means, we are able to better put your limited budget to work directly towards adding value to the final product and our personalized service. In general, work quality depends almost solely on the practitioner working for you, and not the number of conference rooms, docketing/accounting/IT/International departments, secretaries, or law firm perks and vacation houses. With much less of your money spent on paying for our overhead, we can afford to do what we enjoy most- creating win-win situations by spending the necessary time to achieve high quality product and service to continually earn your return business.

Our volume practice and high efficiency affords us the luxury of appreciating how a close working relationship with you can be efficiently leveraged to drive our work most effectively towards your end game.



Learn more about Utility (aka non-provisional, regular, or ‘full’ ) patent protection of your functional innovation.

          Learn more about Utility (aka non-provisional, regular, or ‘full’ ) patent protection of your functional innovation.         


Also called a non-provisional, regular, or ‘full’ patent. Best quality, 20 year protection for useful structures, functions, compositions, & and methods.

Learn more about Utility (aka non-provisional, regular, or ‘full’ ) patent protection of your functional innovation.


Learn more about getting fast "Patent Pending" protection with provisional patent applications  (aka PPA and provisional patent).





Learn more about getting fast "Patent Pending" protection with provisional patent applications  (aka PPA and provisional patent).



When cost and speed is top priority. Our Low-cost service, assures a legally valid filing for effective, fast provisional "Patent Pending" status- giving you up to 1 year to file a corresponding Utility Patent Application.



Learn more about getting fast "Patent Pending" protection with provisional patent applications  (aka PPA and provisional patent).

Learn about our highly effective patent research practice conducted at the USPTO by former Expert patent Examiners.

Learn about our highly effective patent research practice conducted at the USPTO by former Expert patent Examiners.


Smart 1st step before investing much time and money, we research and opine on your idea’s likely patentability, to also help you better distinguish your innovation from prior solutions found.


Learn about our highly effective patent research practice conducted at the USPTO by former Expert patent Examiners.

Learn more about Design patent protection of your product’s form and artistic appearance.


Learn more about Design patent protection of your product’s form and artistic appearance.


Protects a product’s form and artistic appearance from being copied. Can complement the Utility patent protection when both form and function are unique. Great for product designers.


Learn more about Design patent protection of your product’s form and artistic appearance.

Learn more about our extensive expertise and capabilities for International PCT and foreign national stage patent filings.

Learn more about our extensive expertise and capabilities for International PCT and foreign national stage patent filings.

We have extensive experience and capabilities in all aspects of International PCT process and foreign national stage filings.  We have one of the most extensive foreign associate networks, covering all 170+ member countries of WIPO, and we guarantee to meet deadlines and be the most competitive on pricing for quality results.

Learn more about our extensive expertise and capabilities for International PCT and foreign national stage patent filings.







Schedule a Consultation


Need help learning about and determining your company's IP options?  You may want to schedule a consultation with a Bay Area IP Professional to most efficiently and effectively assist you in making your next step, the right one.
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Legal Notice: None of the information provided in this website should be construed as or used as legal advice. The information provided here is for educational purposes only, in order to help inventors learn background information before consulting a practitioner. Since the best course of action in any specific matter will depend on the specific facts of the matter, NOTHING on this site can provide a substitute for the advice of competent legal counsel. Consult with a professional for specific advice regarding your particular situation.

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